Extend your pool season with a heater from Premium Pool

Installing a heater will let you discover new ways to enjoy your backyard pool.

Do you think there is nothing better than taking a dip in the cool, crystal-clear water of your swimming pool on a hot summer day? You might be right... unless you would prefer to relax in warm water on a chilly Autumn night; or perhaps you'd prefer to have some more fun and instead of relaxing host a pool party for everyone when they thought the pool season had long since ended? A pool heater will let you enjoy longer pool seasons every year and in summer rainy days or cold nights will no longer stop you from taking a leisurely swim in your backyard.

A swimming pool heater is not just an added comfort, it's a multitude of entirely new experiences for you!

Expert heater service

Over the past 10 years we have installed thousands of heaters in the pools throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We provide a full range of heater-related services, including installation, replacement, diagnostics and repair. Our staff are professional and friendly and we love what we do. Our number one goal is to make you love your pool!

Only the most reliable products

We service and install all brands of pool heaters, but we prefer to work with Raypak and Jandy heaters due to their superb quality and proven track record of reliability.

24/7 Year-round support

We have all experienced the frustration of many professional services who are only available Monday to Friday during standard business hours - in other words, exactly when you are at work!

Premium Pool values your time and this is why our heater services are available 24/7: any time, any day, any season. Contact us and we will be there whenever you need us.